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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Passed 1st time
So towards the end of 2017 my Job became at risk due to not having a full car licence to continue doing my job, It was time to find a driving school to help me pass quickly, LDC passed me over to Pauline and what a week we had, 30hrs 1 week course and passed first time. From Day 1 my nerves became under control and my confidence got stronger, Pauline guided me in the right direction from the first moment i got in the car. Her ways of teaching are just incredible. Using the LDC Workbook as a guide and making it fun, She was always calm and had a relaxed approach to me. I can’t thank her enough for her patients, knowledge and skills that she has passed on. The term ‘Tyre’s and Tarmac’ will stick with me for years to come. 5 Stars just don't seem enough. Thank you once again. Matt

Henry Le RoyHenry Le Roy
I can’t recommend Pauleen enough. Throughout my lessons she was patient and supportive. Her teaching style is excellent not just in ensuring you understand where your weaknesses are and how to correct them, but also in showing you where your strengths are. You begin gaining confidence and road awareness from day one. Lessons with Pauleen not only prepare you for your test quickly and thoroughly but also for a lifetime of safe driving. Pauleen is a great choice of instructor for anyone who wants to not just pass their test, but be a good driver afterwards.

Rhiain WilkinsonRhiain Wilkinson
Before I honestly felt like I’d never pass my test because I just wasn’t progressing but now I can have my freedom and driving on my own tonight was so freeing to me, I felt like I’ve been doing it for years because everything just is second nature to me, I’m still getting used to it but I love it!

You have honestly changed my life and my way of thinking and made me be more positive because without positivity, you won’t get the outcome you want in any situation! You’re an incredible person not only for being an amazing driving instructor but for just being you and in a way it’s like having your own mum as an instructor because that’s how comforting you are to be around and you are always supportive in any situation regardless of if you’ve gone wrong in a lesson!

Anyone who has you as a driving instructor is incredibly lucky!!, I definitely was and I will definitely be passing your details on to anyone who wants an incredibly driving instructor!!

Thank you for helping me pass and for giving me freedom, I couldn’t have done it without you and I mean that from the bottom of my heart, never doubt your abilities because you’re an insane driving instructor!!

It was so nice to go out and just be able to do what I wanted and come back when I wanted to and it was all on my terms and I wasn’t relying on my parents! It’s an amazing feeling!!, you are an insanely amazing driving instructor!!, you teach in a way that doesn’t make you feel like you’re being taught and if your pupil feels like they can do something without assistance then you allow them to do it and if they go wrong then you help and you don’t direct them or tell them how to do things, that’s what makes you amazing because at 17 or whatever age, you want to feel like an adult and feel in control and you allow that to happen and it makes learning easy and fun! Other driving instructors don’t teach like that, it’s nice to be sat in a car with someone you can laugh with and make mistakes with and not feel judged about it! Don’t ever let anyone put you down or criticise you because unless they’ve been taught by you then they have no idea what they are talking about!xx

Thank you so much for being the best instructor ever!

Rhiain xx